2007 Symposium


2007 Symposium was held May 6th through May 9th at the Hyatt Peachtree Center Hotel in Downtown Atlanta and hosted by the Georgia Aquarium.

Symposium Agenda

CLICK HERE for the Agenda for the 13th Annual Life Support Operators Symposium, Atlanta, GA.

Presentations (PDF Format)

3D Modeling of an Aquatic Life Support System
- National Zoological Park Seal & Sea Lion Rehabilitation

Concrete Coatings and Liners
- Jon Steele / Madewell Products Corporation

Energy Efficiency Tips for Large Commercial and Industrial Facilities
- Mark Zboran / Georgia Power

Georgia Aquarium Overview

Linearization of Process Flow for Life Support Systems that Utilize Ambient and Pressurized Components
- Andrew Aiken / National Aquarium Aqua-Brio, Inc.

Optimal Management and Control of the System
- Jim Ring / RCK Controls, Inc.

Ozone Breakthroughs
- John Overby / Ozone Water Systems

Packed Columns for Life Support Systems Why and How
By Matt Smith / L. S. Enterprises

Planning, Building and Maintaining a 20,000 Gallon Reef Tank
- Atlantis Marine World

Process Control Oxidation
- Walt Disney World Life Support Chemistry Department / Kristen S. Mertens

Regenerative Blowers
- Everything Air

The Aquarium of the Americas and Katrina: The Untold Story
James Arnold
Curator of Life Support/Water Quality
Audubon Aquarium of the Americas
New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: 504-378-2576
Fax: 504-565-3034

Water Discharge:  New Challenges in Infrastructure and Aquatic Life Support
- Roger Phillips / Monterey Bay Aquarium

Water Quality and Water Management
- San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park

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