AALSO Certification Program

Hello, and welcome to AALSO’s 2010 Proficiency Program! AALSO offers a multi-level operator competency acknowledgment program based on test scores received from exams administered by designated program managers at the Hosting Symposium Facility.

Levels one, two or three are awarded to any zoo or aquarium life support operator with relevant experience who successfully passes the respective exam covering set recognition criteria for that level. It acknowledges general operator proficiency with routine operator tasks pertaining from Basic to advanced operator duties and covers such topics as: sand filtration, biological filtration, chemical filtration, USDA regulations, Cathodic protection, turbidity, safety, pump curves / trouble shooting, pool volume calculations, filter surface area calculations, and pool turnover rate calculations.

AALSO believes that it is appropriate to develop recognition criteria that calls for a proficiency program that is on-the-job training based, and encourages Zoo and Aquarium institutions to incorporate this training into their operator development program.

Please take time to down load the programs informational packet. This packet will provide the details needed to participate in the program. Also listed below is a Summary of formulas that is used for the math portion of the exams. All exam questions will be based on these formulas. All additional information will be covered in the class room sessions during the symposium. Please see the symposium agenda for the Certification Preparation for Levels I, II & III, and test times.

For additional information please Contact:

AALSO (Aquatic Animal Life Support Operators)
PO Box 690067
Orlando, Florida 32869-0067