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RCK Controls, Inc. offers RCK Services as a unique combination of Control System and Web technologies. These Control and Web service technologies enable operators and managers to control, visualize, optimize, and collaboratively manage their mission critical systems at any time, from any place and on practically any device.

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Fybroc is a recognized leading manufacturer of non-metallic, centrifugal, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) pumps for all types of aquarium/aquaculture applications including filtration or ozone systems, recirculation, seawater in-take, etc. Fybroc is a supplier to over 100 major aquariums worldwide.

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Asahi America helped pioneer the market for thermoplastic valves in the United States and Latin America. Asahi/America is a diversified ISO9001 certified manufacturer and supplier of a full compliment of corrosion-resistant fluid flow products including: Thermoplastic Valves, Pneumatic and Electric Actuators, High Purity Pipe Systems, Vortex Flow Meters, and Welding Equipment.

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Seal Distributors has been supplying mechanical seals and related fluid sealing services and materials to the electric motor and pump repair industry since 1980. Although our main customer base is in Florida, we also sell to a number of customers throughout the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean region.

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Having problems controlling algae? Would you like to reduce the time and cost of cleaning your aquatic habitats? Let us help!
Blue Line Corporation, located in San Antonio, Texas, is a manufacturer and distributor of inorganic chemicals specializing in Rare Earth and Zirconium salts and solutions.  We manufacture various concentrations of Lanthanum chloride and nitrate solutions, and Lanthanum carbonate compounds, all specifically designed to attack the phosphates that feed your algae problem.

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Engineers at GMI have designed the newest and most efficient ozone integrated systems on the market. We are using plasma block technology combined with PLC control and touch screen interface operating the corona discharge above 20,000 hertz. These units are the most efficient ozone producing machines in the industry and offer exceptional reliability.

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Harrington Industrial Plastics LLC is the country's largest distributor of industrial plastic piping serving all industries with corrosive and high-purity applications. Harrington carries a complete line of piping products and accessories, and is particularly noted for its technically trained sales staff.

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Aqua Logic was founded in 1989 to meet the demand for quality products in the live seafood and aquaculture industries. Among the products that Aqua Logic has developed are Titanium water chillers, heat pumps, heat exchangers, filters, UV Sterilizers, display and holding tanks. Over the years, the company has expanded the art of aquatic filtration and temperature control to meet the needs of a variety of applications including public aquariums, zoos, theme parks and resorts, research labs and hydroponics facilities worldwide.

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BLUE-WHITE INDUSTRIES is a leading manufacturer of products for the effective treatment of, and reliable measurement of, Water.

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A hallmark of consistently superior quality, Harvel Plastics, Inc.’s innovative PVC and CPVC piping systems allow reduced installation time, reduced material costs, and reduced maintenance. Easy to assemble and install, Harvel piping products can be quickly put into operation using inexpensive tools.  Harvel products are known throughout the industry for reliable quality, and have earned the company the reputation of “The Quality Line”.

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Mazzei Injector Corporation manufactures a broad line of patented high-efficiency Mazzei® Injectors, mass transfer nozzles, degassing separators, and Flash ReactorsÒ. Our GDT™ Process ozone injection and degasification skids combine these products in a turnkey system for use in aquatic life support.

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For over 37 years, AREA has been the industry leader in providing Aquatic Life Support Systems Design and solutions to the Zoological/Public Aquarium industry worldwide. The staff at AREA consists of marine biologists, engineers and business executives that are committed to providing their clients worldwide with the highest quality products with exceptional customer service no matter the scope of work.

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Point Four Systems specializes in the design, manufacture, and supply of systems for the measurement, control, and diffusion of oxygen and other gases in water. We manufacture a range of microbubble ceramic diffusers, oxygen injection systems, and water quality monitor and control systems. Our products include a Monitoring and Control System with customizable PC program with trending, logging, and web enablement. New to our line are a handheld Total Dissolved Gas Pressure Meter, and a Dissolved CO2 meter.

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RK2 Systems is a manufacturer of high quality Aquatic Life Support equipment incorporating the newest technologies processing from 3 to 4000 gpm. Our product line includes: Protein Fractionators, Ozone Generators, Automated system controls, high-flow / low amperage Pumps, Fluidized Sand Filters, Bio-media, PVC and Tank Fittings, Reservoirs, Bag Filtration and UV Sterilizers.

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Aquatic Eco-Systems has been your one-stop aquatic warehouse since 1978. We're a group of plain, hardworking biologists and aquatic technicians led by a PhD Professional Engineer. Our approach is to favor function over fluff. We figure that equipment is expensive enough, so we stretch your hard-earned dollars by offering a selection of good, better and best, with efficiency, affordability and service always part of the equation.

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Waterlife Design Group is a division of Aquatic Eco-Systems, Inc. We are a design, engineering and consulting team servicing the public zoo, aquarium and aquaculture industries. We have assembled a talented staff of system designers and biologists with extensive field experience. We will coordinate with owners, architects, engineers and contractors to provide integrated, coherent and economical solutions for the aquatics industries.

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Twenty years ago, DEL Ozone pioneered an innovative technique for ozone integration into commercial aquatic life support facilities. Now the industry standard, our systems are designed for vacuum operation utilizing on-board oxygen concentrators and PLC Controllers, optimizing the complete ozone management system.

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Since 1984, Inter-Ocean Enterprises dba. Universal Marine Industries (UMI) has built a worldwide reputation as the leader in manufacturing Titanium Heat Exchangers and Marine Holding and Display Systems. Our dedication to quality and innovation, coupled with our unparalleled experience in designing systems of all sizes, make us the logical choice for your project.

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For over twenty years PR Aqua has been providing innovative water treatment solutions to the aquaculture, public aquarium and wastewater treatment industries. We offer a comprehensive array of equipment and services to meet a wide range of solids filtration and disinfection challenges commonly faced in aquatic life support systems. Both our Rotofilter™ microscreen drum filters and our belt filters are ideally suited for the removal of solid wastes in both life support and influent and effluent treatment systems.

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Founded in 1967, Plast-O-Matic Valves is the recognized quality leader in the development of engineered plastic valves and controls.

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Look to Emperor Aquatics, Inc. for solutions to waterborne disease and contamination — for reliable, cost-effective equipment solutions to reduce the risk of pathogen introduction through your water supply.

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