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Your Investment is in the Water … We Protect it!

Look to Emperor Aquatics, Inc. for solutions to waterborne disease and contamination — for reliable, cost-effective equipment solutions to reduce the risk of pathogen introduction through your water supply.

Emperor Aquatics, Inc. is a global designer, manufacturer, and distributor of highly specialized Aquatic Life Support Systems (ALSS). We are a leading supplier and premier information source on UV Disinfection across several different markets, such as Aquaculture, Swim & Water Features, and Public Zoos & Aquariums to name a few.

In those markets, we not only provide high quality equipment, such as UV Sterilizers, Protein Skimmers, Pressurized Filters, Ozone Generators, and  Complete Skid-Mounted Systems (Turn-Key), but we also offer comprehensive guidance to help ensure every project, every filtration loop, is capable of reaching successful operation. During the specification process, we carefully evaluate the conditions of the customer’s application and recommend equipment which best suits their needs and budget. System customization is often required. By modifying an existing design or providing an integrated solution, we save our customers significantly on capital cost and cost of ownership. In fact, 75% of the UV systems that leave our facility are customized in someway.

Emperor Aquatics, Inc., located in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, USA, was incorporated in 1990 and is privately owned. Emperor Aquatics Inc. excels at designing and manufacturing unique, application-specific filtration solutions. We focus on customizing products according to our customers’ specific requirements.

For us, integrity is the foundation of our business plan. We are committed to innovative design and customer guidance.

We serve a diverse global clientele; working side-by-side with many federal, state, and local agencies, including NOAA Fisheries, US Fish and Wildlife Service, as well as many international organizations. We are compelled to achieve innovation and perfection in every facet of our business because we believe our customers are the most important part of our business!

Contact us today and see how we can help you save money and reach project success!

Emperor Aquatics, Inc.
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