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GMI's Quality Program reflects a high level of commitment for designing, fabrication and installing products that meet and exceed your project requirements. GMI has demonstrated its level of quality to demanding customers such as NASA, Rockwell, McDonnell Douglas and Florida's Theme Parks. Our Quality Pledge is indicative of each employee's commitment to providing you with the best possible solutions.

Engineers at GMI have designed the newest and most efficient ozone integrated systems on the market. We are using plasma block technology combined with PLC control and touch screen interface operating the corona discharge above 20,000 hertz. These units are the most efficient ozone producing machines in the industry and offer exceptional reliability.

One analogy to our technology is the late 1950 style black & white TV sets as compared to today's flat screen HD Plasma TV.

Plasma Block Technology is changing everything you knew about ozone systems.

No System Warm Up Required
Unlike older systems which may be running continuously to an ozone destruct unit, the Guardian design can startup and shut down instantly. With the oxygen system in standby mode, the generators are always ready to perform at peak efficiencies. All high voltage is safely contained completely within the plasma block. This eliminates shock hazards and dirt build up which can cause dangerous flash over.
Instant Ozone When Needed
Due to the micro gap design, high concentration ozone is always ready to operate at peak performance. Should the system require 100% ozone, Guardian's architecture will start the plasma on demand and shut down the plasma as the system dictates.
Variable Ozone Output Option
Should there be a requirement for varying the ozone output, Guardian's design can allow for a linear turn down to 1%. This is very unique in the industry and allows the operator to keep a very precise control on the systems organic loading requirements.
No Glass Tubes
Glass tubes in older systems require special handling and care and are expensive to replace. Operating at high voltages and lower frequency they require a specific warm up period and tend to be somewhat temperamental. Ask anyone who is using this older technology about the maintenance aspect of tube replacement and upkeep.
No Wet Air Problems
Wet air is a problem with any ozone generating system. To insure Guardian's plasma block design is always ready to perform at full potential, only oxygen supply systems are incorporated into our design. Because of this, the dry oxygen feed gas enters the plasma chamber and eliminates the potential for creating nitric acid buildup in the cell.

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