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BLUE-WHITE INDUSTRIES is a leading manufacturer of products for the effective treatment of, and reliable measurement of, Water.

Variable Area Flowmeters offer an economic, reliable and effective means of monitoring flow. Flowmeters are available in over 240 configurations including styles for in-line, panel mount or closed pipe installations. Many material options and a vast range of calibrations are offered.

DIGI-FLO F-2000 Series meters provide accurate flow measurement for critical habitat systems. Meters come equipped with a standard digital pulse output, which can interface with PLC control systems for remote monitoring. Optional analog output capabilities are offered. Optional low-flow and high-flow alarms, along with an 8 amp relay, are available. Units are available for pipe sizes to 12 inches in diameter.

DIGI-FLO F-1000. DIGI-FLOÒ F-1000 Series provide the performance and features of electronic meters without the need for an electrical hookup. Three versions are offered. The F-1000RB rate meter; F-1000TB flow totalizer and; the F-1000RT Rate Meter and Flow Totalizer. Two standard AAA batteries, with a minimum life of one year, power the units.

F-1000 Benefits Include: Easy to read .35" high, 6-digit LCD Display; Factory calibrated, nothing to program; Weather resistant enclosure; Corrosion resistant PVDF Sensor; Large calibrated flow range; Minimal maintenance required; Excellent accuracy; No pressure drop.

NEW CHEM-PRO C-3. This all new pump has output/feed capability of up to 42.5 (2700 ML/Min, 160.88 LPH, 1027 GPD). Maximum working pressure is 175 psig (12.1 bar). CHEM-PRO features include: PVDF Pump Head, Pump Head Adapters and PVDF ball valves; a priming/degassing valve built into the pump head; digital touch pad control with back-lit LCD display; variable speed motor that can be adjusted from 1 – 100% in 1% increments, and has brush life up to 3,400 hours; an extra brush is stored within the pump housing; pump housing is constructed of durable, chemical resistant, powder coated aluminum and is NEMA 4X for wash down; and Blue-White’s DFD built-in Leak Detection System.

CHEM-FEED C-1100NV Series metering pumps are capable of receiving 4-20mA, 0-10VDC and Pulsed Signal Inputs. Signal inputs are used to automatically adjust the output of the injector. The variable speed motor ensures uninterrupted output, no ON/OFF cycle, no “downtime.” The pump/motor configuration makes changing brushes quick and simple. Brush life up to 2000 hours. Extra brushes are included with each unit.

NEW MICRO-FLO. The MICRO-FLO Digital Flowmeter is ideal for measuring flow on most metering pumps. Programmable units of measure are: Gallons (U.S.); Liters; Ounces; and Millimeters. Programmable time units are: Minutes, Hours, or Days. The six digit LCD display has up to four decimal positions. Both rate of flow, and total accumulated flow are displayed. The MICRO-FLO features non-volatile programming and accumulated flow memory. The total reset function can be disabled to prevent tampering. Additional features include: Clear PVC viewing lens or PVDF chemical resistant lens; weather resistant Valox PBT enclosure, NEMA 4x. Three MICRO-FLO Variations are offered: FS = Sensor mounted display; FP = Panel mounted display; FV = No display. Sensor only. 5vdc current sinking output.

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