2011 Symposium


The 2011 AALSO Symposium was held in Orlando, Florida at the Walt Disney World Resort from May 22nd thru 25th, 2011.

Symposium Agenda

CLICK HERE for the Agenda for the 17th Annual Aquatic Animal Life Support Operators Symposium, Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL.

Presentations (PDF, PPT, DOC Format)

Process Control for LS
- Cellucci E

History of LSS
- Cooley P

VSDs for Energy Savings
- Corbin C

Passive Denitrification PHA's
- Hightower P

Intro to Microcontrollers
- Hoard M

Intro to Microcontrollers_Manuscript
- Hoard M

Ultrasound and LAIC Technology
- Hutchinson G

Recovery of Backflush Wastewater
- Keuper S

New NO3 & NH3 Testing Procedures
- Kingsley E

New NO3 & NH3 Testing Procedures_Manuscript
- Kingsley E

Aq Science Program
- Koike B

90 Years Improving Seawater
- Kormos L

Process Optimization
- Lamb L

Smart Pump VFDs
- Mathews S

MN Zoological Gardens
- McLaughlin M

Water Science Automation
- Nicodemo T

Taking Care of Old Water
- Semmen K

LSS & BAS Systems
- Tenhagen G

Ozone Feed Gas Systems
- Walsh M

Ozone Feed Gas Systems_Outline
- Walsh M

New Directions in LS
- Warner C

Geothermal Energy at CZ&A
- Yankie J