Aquatic Animal Life Support Operators Symposium May 22-25, 2011, Disney World, Orlando, FL, USA


The 17th Annual Aquatic Animal Life Support Operators Symposium will be held at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, May 22-25, 2011.

We are planning a focus session on old and new aquatic life support technologies for the 17th Annual Symposium. Our goal is to review historical perspectives and describe future directions for life support systems, including designs, equipment, and water quality; with special emphasis new challenges and new technology. In addition to oral presentations the AALSO 2011 Symposium will include hands-on workshops, panel discussions, and numerous vendor exhibitions.

The mission of AALSO is to provide a stimulating, interactive forum for operators, facility managers, engineers, scientists and vendors to present current research, technologies and applications in aquatic life support and related fields.

Aquatic Animal Life Support Operators requests ABSTRACTS for Oral and Poster presentations for the 17th Annual AALSO Symposium. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Historical LSS perspectives
  • Old technology/systems/operations
  • New directions in life support
  • New technology
  • New products
  • Sustainable technology/systems
  • Automation/controls
  • Disinfection
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Filtration
  • Foam fractionation
  • Nitrification/Denitrification
  • Ozone systems
  • Pumps
  • Regulatory challenges
  • No discharge recovery systems
  • Sensors & Instrumentation
  • Systems operation
  • Temperature control
  • Water Quality/Chemistry

Please submit abstracts via email to; (831) 648-4974

Abstract submission deadline: March 1, 2011
Notification of acceptance: April 1, 2011
Full papers (manuscripts) due: May 6, 2011

For AALSO Membership & Symposium Information (including Hotel, Registration, Operator, & Vendor Information, & Instructions to Authors) please refer to the AALSO 2011 Symposium page.