Greetings From the New President

Greetings from the President,

I am back in Orlando and have caught up on all my LS duties. I have now had a chance to reflect back to the Moody Gardens facility and what a fantastic host they were.

I found the staff to be very professional, knowledgeable and I was very impressed with how they weathered their hurricane disaster. I hope each and every life support operator and vender has taken something away from this symposium to add to their emergency preparation planning. I feel there is not a better way to learn than through those that have lived through these types of difficulties. I know that I learned a few things and will be making some changes to my emergency plan.

I would also like to extend my thanks to Landry’s Downtown Aquarium in Houston for their hospitality and Life Support tours. I loved the backstage Tigers tour it was great! As a cat person I will remember that spotlight for a long time. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to host for so many.

I also want to take time to thank all the Vendors that sponsored events, donated their time or resources to the AALSO organization. Join me in thanking the following vendors for their contribution in sponsoring the following events:

Dinner at Landry’s Downtown Aquarium in Houston:

John Overby
Ozone Water
Douglas Russel
Aqua Logic
John Hale
RCK Controls
Chris Krechter
RK 2
Brian Brawner
R&B Aquatics

AALSO Certification Banquet:

Leo Lester
Gennaro D'Alterio
Met-Pro Corporation

This past year I really got a great look at the role that the President plays in this organization and realized the time and effort that that person has to put into it to pull off a great symposium. I have been a firsthand witness over the past three years of a major change in AALSO; a change in the professionalism, Certification and member count. Even with the decline in the economy the AALSO organization has stood tall.

I want to give special thanks to that person that has provided great leadership to AALSO; who has raised the bar in changing our image, professionalism, and challenged the board to go the extra mile.

Join me in Thanking George Tenhagen for an outstanding well done Job! (George you're not done yet.)

George has put his heart and soul into the AALSO organization. I remember back when I was elected to the board and had attended my 1st board meeting right after the Chattanooga Symposium. George was Treasurer then. George really stuck out like a sore thumb. I remember him sitting their demanding, 'Come on guys, let's get to work. We got a lot to do before the next symposium.' George had become a mentor to me from that point on. He was always pushing the Board to work harder and to bring a higher level of professionalism to the table.

George I just want you to know you have made a difference in this organization and you have earned the respect of so many. My goal is to keep on the same path and follow George's outstanding example.

Over the past weeks I have been working hard on pinning down the dates for the next Symposium. For those just joining us we will be going to Walt Disney World on May 22nd - 25th 2011. Our theme is titled "Old Technology to New".

Keep an eye out for updates and newsletters. AALSO has employed new software to help us get important information out to our members. We are still working out the bugs and we should have it up and operational in the next month or two.

One more word. As we keep raising the bar to improve our organization's image and certification program you all will play a very important role and we could not do it without all of you. Please get involved this is your organization help us take it to the next level.

Richard Davis
AALSO President