Aquatic Animal Life Support Operators 2010 Symposium


WE ARE TEXAS BOUND!! Galveston Texas that is, home of Moody Gardens, our host facility for the 2010 AALSO Symposium. The Aquatic Animal Life Support Operators Board invites you to join us May 2nd through May 5tt for the 2010 AALSO Symposium.

The beautiful Moody Gardens Hotel and Convention Center will be our base camp for our excursion to the Gulf Shore of East Texas. We have three days excitement and education jam packed into a very busy schedule for the 2010 Symposium. We will be visiting not only the Moody Gardens Aquarium but also Landry’s Down Town Aquarium. Both of these facilities went through tough times during Hurricane Ike but they have made amazing recoveries.

If you made it to the 2009 Symposium you heard just a snippet of the fun and frustration experienced by Gregg Whittaker and his staff as they lived and survived their disaster recovery of Hurricane Ike. Our goal is to help you survive a similar disaster by learning from their experience. We plan on having other facilities regale us their similar experiences and participate in Round Table discussions so we can all improve our Emergency Preparedness plans. You do have one don’t you. Well if you do, then dust it off and bring it with you so you can learn what worked and what did not.

I bet some of you are thinking you have figured out our theme? If you guessed EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS AND DISASTER RECOVERY then you are correct. We are still putting the final touches to a busy and educational agenda for the Symposium but we have room for you. Have you lived through an extended power outage? Survived days or hours without the ability to oxygenate, circulate or maintain proper water temperatures for your exhibits and animals? If so we would love to have you present at this years Symposium. Help educate your fellow operators on your inventiveness in difficult times. You will be joined by industry experts and manufacturers as we dive into the preparedness and recovery process.

We have included instrumentation and calibration as part of our agenda. The mysterious ORP probe, how does it work and more precisely how do you make it work correctly? How about ultrasonic level sensors and the ever challenging hysteresis? Those two things can baffle even the savviest operator.

Look for the agenda to be posted and registration to be opened soon. Our dates again are May2nd through May 5th and we will be in Galveston Texas at Moody Gardens. Your best airport for this excursion will be Hobby Airport on Southeast Houston. Your Board is looking into transportation to and from the airport to facilitate your trip. More information will be available soon. So start working the boss for travel money and start planning your trip to Wonderful Galveston Texas and Moody Gardens. Your AALSO Board is looking forward to seeing you there.

Thanks for your Support of AALSO
George Tenhagen

AALSO President