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  Our members care for the systems that make animal care possible. We are the water quality and mechanical system professionals that move the water, design and maintain the systems, develop and distribute the products to manage the daily requirements for animals in our care at hundreds of facilities across the world. Formed in “1994” we are a 503 b Trade Organization supported by the entire industry – operators to vendors, Researchers to administrators as the premier professional organization dedicated to this multi faceted discipline. If you have ever selected or maintained a pump, glued PVC pipe, adjusted an Ozonator, measured dissolved oxygen, pH or ammonia, measured flow or temperature, open or closed a valve, chances are you are less than two removes -  from an AALSO member!  


Rick Davis


Walt Disney World
Lake Buena Vista, FL.
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John Barnhill

Vice President

Ripley's Entertainment
Myrtle Beach, SC
843-916-0888 x3242
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George Tenhagen


Busch Gardens
Tampa, FL
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Paul Thomas


Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Vallejo, CA
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Board Of Directors

Laurie Kormos

Steinhart Aquarium
San Francisco, CA
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Eric Hall

Georgia Aquarium
Atlanta, GA
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Wes Schmidt

Minnesota Zoo
Apple Valley, MN
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President's Advisory Council

Leo Lester

Malden, MA
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Gennaro D'Alterio

Met-Pro Corporation
Telford, PA
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Brooke Taylor

Waterlife Design Group
Apopka, FL
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Vendor Board of Directors

Jonathan Pierce

Miami Filter LLC
Fort Pierce, FL
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John Hale, P.E.

RCK Controls
San Diego, CA
858-569-7141 x103
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Amy Riedel-Stone

Waterlife Design Group
Apopka, FL
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The AALSO board is nominated and elected by Individual Members.  Any Individual Member in good standing may be nominated, cast his or her vote, or fulfill a term as an officer or director.  Elections are held during the business meeting at the Annual Symposium.  The current AALSO Board offers its suggested nominations in advance of the elections.  All officers serve a minimum of a one year term and may only hold a position for three consecutive years.  The link below contains the suggested nominations for the 2013-2014 AALSO Board.

2013-2014 Board Suggested Nominations